Chairman Weimin Huang and his delegation inspects Toowoomba of Australia

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On August 2nd, the Group Chairman Weimin Huang went on two-day visits and inspections at the invitation of Toowoomba government, Chamber of Commerce and relevant enterprises. Xueda Zheng, General Manager of AS4U, and Gang Ren, General Manager of APC Migration, whom are Aussie partners for Purun International accompanied in this tour.

Chairman Weimin Huang and his delegation respectively went to scenic spots operated by Toowoomba, inspected local animal husbandry and visited the mayor, senators & business association members. Later on, they explored the newly-built Wellcamp Airport at Toowoomba.

The investigation group spoke highly of Toowoomba’s rich agricultural products resources and convenient transportation after receipt of introduction to Toowoomba. After that, they invited Toowoomba government and its Chamber of Commerce members to Chongqing and pay a visit to Purun Group for strategic cooperation discussion. 

Located in southeast Queensland of Australia, Toowoomba is the second largest inland city of Australia, which is reputed as Queensland’s Garden City. With its joyful view, developed agriculture and animal husbandry, convenient transportation and excellent traffic network & international freight routes, it becomes the industrial and commercial center of Darling Downs. Purun International accessed Australia three years ago and has won good reputation in Australia. Chairman Weimin Huang and his delegation aimed to give a boost to Purun International’s business in Australia and lay a foundation for the communication between Toowoomba and Southwest China through this tour.


Group Photo of Chairman Weimin Huang with his delegation and Mayor Paul Antonio图片关键词365bet体育客户端-欢迎您
Group Photo of Chairman Weimin Huang and Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce members
The investigation group discussed with Toowoomba government members
Group Photo of Chairman Weimin Huang and Curator John of the City Museum
Group Photo of the investigation group and Toowoomba tourism personnel

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